Kim Kardashian Spends Over $100k On Kanye’s Insane Surprise Birthday Party (PHOTOS)


Monday was a very special day for Kanye West. The rapper/songwriter/fashion expert celebrated his 38th birthday, and his wife Kim Kardashian made sure he had an amazing day.

She spent over $100,000 to rent out the entire Staples Center! That’s right, folks. Kanye West and his bros (including Justin Bieber) were able to pretend to be NBA stars for one special day. Not only did Kim rent out the building, but she also hired real refs and Laker girls to cheer Kanye and his friends on.

Kim rented out the Staples Center so Kanye and his boys could play an NBA-style game with real refs and Laker girls.

According to the sources, both the “West” and “East” teams had some pretty powerful coaches. Houston Rockets star James Harden and rapper 2 Chainz, because why the f–k not? There were also several video messages being played on the jumbotron from NBA greats like Shaq, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson.

In addition to all that, Kim also hired John Legend to sing the national anthem. He also performed the best version of the ‘Happy Birthday‘ song ever. You can check out a short clip of that in the Instagram videos located at the bottom of the page.

Kim wrote this message to Kanye on her Instagram account…

Happy Birthday to my best friend in the entire world! You are the most amazing husband & dad! You inspire me every single day! You make all of your dreams reality & it’s fascinating to be by your side & watching it all happen! You have a heart of gold! Have the best birthday ever! #SWISH.

As we mentioned above, Justin Bieber was invited to this basketball party. And of course, he tried to steal some of the attention away from Kanye West. He posted the photo you see below to his Instagram account. As you can clearly see, he’s the only douchebag lifting up his shirt in the photo.

To his credit, he did delete the photo a few minutes after posting it. He replaced it with the photo you see at the top of the page. We’re assuming he knew people would “hate” on him if he left the first photo up.

But enough about the Biebs! This day was all about Kanye. Check out the videos and photos below…