Chris Brown’s Home Targeted In Home Invasion Robbery, Aunt Held At Gunpoint

Chris Brown really needs to step his security game up. Just a few months ago, Chris Brown found a naked intruder inside his bedroom after coming back from a long trip. In total, police believe the 21-year-old woman spent two days in his house. But thankfully, she was only there because she was in love with the 26-year-old singer. She wasn’t going to hurt him.

But that wasn’t the case early Wednesday morning. While Chris Brown was out clubbing with his friends, his house was hit with a terrifying home invasion robbery. According to police, the robbers held his aunt at gunpoint and locked her inside a closet.

They reportedly trashed the place before leaving. We don’t know how much stuff was stolen, but TMZ claims the robbers left with cash and “other property.”

The incident happened at around two in the morning. Three armed men forced their way inside the home, located the aunt and threatened her by putting a gun in her face. By the time she was able to call 911, the robbers were long gone.

And as we mentioned above, Brown wasn’t home at the time because he was out hanging with his friends at a club out in Hollywood. He didn’t leave the club until after two in the morning, which means the home invasion had already happened.

By the way, these three criminals knew what they were doing. TMZ sources claim the robbers knew it was Chris Brown’s home. They apparently told his aunt that during the robbery.

Makes you wonder if it was someone he knew? Maybe someone connected with the group of “friends” he was celebrating with. It would be the perfect plan. Get him out of the house, leave his aunt there all by herself…it’s an easy target.

We’ll keep you posted.