Shia LaBeouf Accused Of Assaulting Girlfriend And Threatening Her Life In Germany (UPDATE WITH VIDEO)


It looks like the rumors were true. Check out the exclusive video from Entertainment Tonight. The good news is that it doesn’t look like Shia ever hit Mia, but he did say he would have killed her if he had stayed at the scene.




Most of the time when Shia LaBeouf does something stupid, it’s harmless and results in a hilarious story like the one he told on Jimmy Kimmel Live. But now it looks like his wild behavior has spiraled out of control. If these latest reports are true, Shia is a dangerous man.

There have been multiple German media outlets reporting on a fight between Shia and his girlfriend Mia Goth, best known for her role in Nymphomaniac: Volume II. One thing most of the reports agree on is that Mia and Shia were arguing with each other after getting out of a taxi. They were shouting, and things apparently got so heated that random people from the street had to get between them.

That’s what we know for sure. After that? Well, things get a little difficult. Some people claim Mia had a nasty black eye after the incident, and those same people claim there was a brief physical altercation between the two stars, which reportedly started after Mia grabbed Shia’s backpack and tried to pull him back.

After the incident, locals reportedly took Shia to the airport. During the ride to the airport, the actor said he would have killed Goth if he had stayed at the scene. And yes, sources says the actor was heavily intoxicated at the time.

But again, most of this is just speculation at the moment. Did an argument between Shia and Mia happen outside of a taxi? Probably. Did Shia punch his girlfriend and threaten to kill her? We don’t know, and we wouldn’t feel comfortable reporting it as fact.

We’ll keep you posted. Hopefully the reports aren’t true. Last we heard, Shia is back in the States.

Source: Bustle