Watch: Tracy Morgan Makes Special Appearance At The 2015 Emmy Awards, Receives Standing Ovation!

Yo, this is crazy! He’s baaack! After being severely injured in that fatal crash in June of 2014, Tracy Morgan is back and he’s ready to make us laugh again. As most of you know, the 46-year-old comedian/actor was in a coma for eight days after the accident.

But after spending over a year recovering from his injuries, he decided now was the perfect time to make a return to television. Before the final award was handed out at the 2015 Emmy Awards, Morgan surprised the audience by walking out on stage.

And of course, he received a standing ovation from everyone inside the building.

I miss you guys so much. Last year, Jimmy Kimmel said on this stage that we’ll see you back here next year Tracy Morgan. Well, thanks to my amazing doctors and the support of my family and my beautiful new wife, I’m here standing on my own two feet.

He then continued by throwing in a few classic jokes about getting people pregnant. Check out the hilariousness in the video below…



Ah, it’s nice to see him back on stage. You just can’t hate the guy. It’s impossible. And the good news is that you won’t have to wait long to see his next TV appearance. He will be hosting Saturday Night Live on October 17. Less than a month away now!

Get your popcorn ready.