Was A Girl Drugged At A Listening Party With Justin Bieber And His Crew?


For the past month or so, it seems like Justin Bieber has been slowly going back to the 2014 Bieber that almost everyone in the world hated. We say slowly because almost every incident in this last month has been somewhat justified.

But this latest allegation? Well, there is no coming back from it. The Biebs was at a recording studio in Australia Sunday night. He had his boys with him and everyone seemed to be having a great time. But things quickly changed when an Australian model named Bailey Scarlett showed up at the party after receiving an invitation.

Reports say she poured herself a drink of lemonade and vodka. She then placed the drink down and started chatting with some other girls who were at the party. But not longer after taking a few more sips of the drink, Scarlett started to feel woozy and she claims her vision became blurred.

As she started to cry, Justin sat down next to her and tried to comfort her; however, it didn’t work. Her condition got worse and the police were called. Law enforcement sources confirmed the reports with TMZ. They took her to the hospital, and the employees advised her to make an official report about the incident. As of right now, no report has been filed.

The owner of the recording studio, Jimi Wyatt, claims he looked at the security footage from the party. According to him, Scarlett’s cup is visible the entire time. No one touched it. People at the party believe she was just having a panic attack.

We’ll see what happens. Either way, it doesn’t look like Justin Bieber was directly involved. However, if we find out the girl was drugged, then you have to question who Bieber is hanging out with again. He seems to have a difficult time finding normal friends.