Charlie Sheen Is A Mess, Bouncer Puts Him In A Headlock And Throws Him Out Of Bar (VIDEO)


This past weekend, Mr. Sheen decided to relax during the day by going fishing with some friends. And as you might imagine, he probably had a few beers during the fishing trip. Let’s be honest, fishing is 95% drinking and 5% catching fish.

And after he finished his fishing trip, the already hammered actor decided to continue the party at Hennessey’s Tavern in Dana Point. Nothing fancy, it’s described as an, “Irish-style pub chain serving breakfast, bar bites, burgers & more in a casual, traditional space.” Charlie Sheen couldn’t possibly get in trouble here, right?


Things started off fine. Sources say he took some photos with fans inside the bar, but things went south when some lady tried to take video of him on her cellphone. He allegedly slapped the phone out of her hand, which caused it to fall down to the floor and break.

That’s when the bouncer stepped in to drag Sheen’s a** out of the place. You can check out the surprisingly entertaining video below…



I’m beginning to think Two and a Half Men ruined Sheen. It seems like at some point during the filming of the show, he decided to just become his insane and alcoholic character. He wasn’t even acting anymore. He probably showed up to work drunk, and the producers were like, “This is great! Keep up the good work, Charlie!

Can you imagine the horrible things going on inside his body from all the drugs, alcohol and unprotected sex?