Jay Z And Kanye’s Riders: How Do They Compare To Some Of The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Riders?


It’s always interesting to see concert riders for some of the top stars in the music business. Some celebrities have “normal” requests with a few special food items, a drink or two, and that’s pretty much it. Nothing too fancy, but enough for them to feel comfortable before the show.

However, some celebrities take things too far. According to a report a little over a year ago, Katy Perry has a ridiculous list of demands. Her dressing room must be filled with custom-made French lamps, a director’s chair with her name on it, egg chairs, a fridge with a glass door, a special (separate) room with flowers to relax in, and none of the staff is allowed to speak to her.

On the set of The Voice, Christina Aguilera allegedly asks that a professional be on call to rub her feet while taking breaks from filming. She also wants Flintstones vitamins for some reason. We can only assume that’s actually for Blake Shelton. He was probably just too afraid to ask for them.

Anyway, what about some of the biggest rappers in the game? Do they also have strange demands? Of course they do. According to TMZ, Jay Z and Kanye West are some of the neediest rappers in the game.


  1. The room temp must be 71 degrees.
  2. Staff must agree not to vacuum near his room.
  3. Staff must also provide 3 $80 candles.
  4. To avoid embarrassment, staff must not ask Jay Z for concert tickets.
  5. The suite must be childproofed for Blue Ivy, electrical outlets must be covered, breakable objects removed, etc.
  6. Blue Ivy’s drink of choice? Organic whole milk. Jay Z’s drink of choice? Ace of Spades champagne.



  1. Minty floss.
  2. Kashi Go Lean cereal (packed with protein and fiber, son!)
  3. All towels must be black.
  4. Vases must be cylindrical.
  5. Speakers that were discontinued 10 years ago.
  6. Over $3,000 worth of alcohol.

We should note this is just the latest report. It seems like their demands change often. For example, this report claims Kanye doesn’t have any requests for North West; however, a previous report claimed he asked for an $8,000 bed for his daughter, along with a TV full of her favorite shows and a personal chef to fix her all the snacks she wants.