Khloe Kardashian Spills All The Beans, Talks About Plastic Surgery And Her Love For Both James Harden and Lamar Odom!

If you are going to have a favorite Kardashian, let that Kardashian be Khloe Kardashian. She seems to be the nicest one in the family. For example, if you were sick at home with the flu, she would be the friend that shows up with a bowl of soup.

Here lately, Khloe has been the queen of the headlines. October was a wild month for the 31-year-old reality star after her life was put on hold for a few weeks while taking care of her ex, Lamar Odom. Even though they were just a few signatures away from a divorce, Khloe rushed to Odom’s side after he nearly died following an overdose inside a brothel.

While she was taking care of him inside the hospital, those naughty sources came out and tried to make everyone believe they were getting back together. The sources even claimed she had ended her relationship with James Harden. Of course, we now know those rumors were not true at all; however, that doesn’t mean Khloe still doesn’t love Odom.

During an interview with Redbook, Khloe admitted her biggest wish is for “him to be happy.” She also added that she has a great deal of love for him. It’s just not the same, romantic love she had for him a few years ago.

That special love is reserved for Harden now, and Khloe admits the fresh relationship is a challenge sometimes because of her famous family…

Our family brings a different amount of—not fame—attention. Instead of just being known for his talent, he’s now known for being someone’s boyfriend. We’re used to it, but for a person new to this, I’m like, ‘Oh, God. I’m sorry.’

And what about those plastic surgery rumors? Does it hurt Khloe when she hears the rumors? Nope. In fact, she secretly enjoys them because it confirms she’s been putting in some hard work at the gym…

Once you start getting in the tabloids claiming you have fake body parts, then it’s like, ‘Okay, I made it. Now I’m really working out.’ Kourtney said yesterday, ‘I got so happy because someone said I had butt implants.’ And I was like, ‘Doesn’t it make you feel good?’ She’s like, ‘I really feel good. I’ve got to keep it up!’

Welcome to Hollywood, folks. Where telling someone their booty is fake is actually a compliment.