Michelle Rodriguez Breaks Her Promise, Proudly Shows Off Armpit Hair In Recent Bikini Photos!


For those of you following Michelle Rodriguez on social media, you might remember a promise she made before entering 2016. The actress went on her Instagram account a little over a week ago to share some words of wisdom with her followers.

It’s a great time to remember that life can be as simple as letting go and remembering were all rentals in this world, love that annoying family member, kiss that bratty cousin, & hug the love of your life real tight.” She captioned the photo you see below.


And as you might have noticed, she is flashing some serious armpit hair.I promise to shave my arm pits at some point before the New Year.” She told her followers.

But it looks like she forgot about that promise. Photographers were able to track her down this weekend during her vacation in Mexico, and as you can clearly see, the armpit hair is still there. Not that it really matters, but I mean…you promised, Michelle!



Honestly though, it took me a few minutes to even notice the armpit hair. I was too busy staring at her incredible body. Who gives a Gary Busey about armpit hair? It looks like she’s keeping it trimmed at least. According to E! News, this vacation was a much-needed break from the intense filming schedule of her new movie, Tomboy, a Revenger’s Tale. It’s scheduled to hit theaters in 2017.