lynch – 11FEB2016

It’s True! Marshawn Lynch Hasn’t Touched Any of his $50 Million NFL Salary. Here Is How He Is Living. (House Photos & Earnings)

Lynch also has deals with Progressive, Nike, Microsoft and Activision.

He has also sold more than $2 million in Beast Mode Merchandise online. He truly is a Beast.


Money is all relative right? Wrong. Once you get to a certain amount it’s not. If you are picturing a money pinching, brown bag lunch carrying, Marshawn Lynch who can’t hang out with his friends at lavish night clubs, has the smallest house and drives around in a 4 year old Toyota, think again.

That endorsement money goes a long way. In case you don’t believe me, how about a peak at his $3.6 million, 7,000 squarefoot home he purchased in Richmond, CA.

His house sits on 134 feet of Bayfront property and has a 58 foot long boat dock. Now that he’s retired, the Beast can now enjoy the Beauty of this home.

Cheers Marshawn, that’s how it’s done. Un-injured, Rich-as-hell and Young enough to enjoy it. Game, Set Match!

Check out his home.

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