Kylie Jenner’s BFF Heather Sanders Is Getting Destroyed On Social Media After Video Shows Her Bringing 3-Month-Old To Tyga Concert!


The internet is always right, especially when it comes to parenting advice. The internet is one of the only places where you’ll have 14-year-old dudes from Rhode Island telling some 30-year-old mother she’s terrible for letting her 5-year-old eat McDonald’s once a week.

You have to be extremely careful when sharing information about your child’s life online, and Kylie Jenner’s homegurl Heather Sanders is learning this the hard way. She has been getting blasted on social media this week after the video you see below was released this past weekend.



As you can see, the title of this video claims she took the 3-month-old baby to a club; however, we now know it was actually a Tyga concert.

But that still hasn’t stopped fans on Twitter and Instagram from telling her how horrible of a mother she truly is…




Damn, right? What did Sanders do after this social media assault? Did she apologize? Promise to never take her baby to another incredibly loud concert? Did she just delete her accounts to focus on being a good mother?

Nope. She battled back and tried her best to defend her decision…


Bringing a 3-month-old baby to a loud concert is only a slight upgrade from bringing her to a club. Yeah, you can see she had protection in her ears in the video, but most doctors agree you should just avoid bringing your baby into any loud environment.

Hopefully Sanders has learned her lesson. Just find a babysitter next time. We’re sure Tyga will still be doing his thing on stage in a few years when your baby is a little older.

What do you all think? Do you agree with Sanders, or do you agree with pretty much the entire internet?