Ja-Rule – 15MAY2016

Did You See That? Ja Rule Gets Hit With a Beer Can During His Performance and Then Does This! (VIDEO)

jarule3f-1-web - 15MAY2016

I really couldn’t believe this until I actually saw the video.

The incident took place at Harrah’s Pool After Dark in Atlantic City, NJ.  I’m assuming Ja Rule has to pay the bills that’s why he’s performing essentially at a night time pool party.

When admission to your concert comes free with a buffet, you are bound to get some rowdy characters and that’s exactly what happened.  One such character had the nerve to throw a beer can at Ja.  With all the precision of Clayton Kershaw, the can was right on the button.  In the video you can see it bouncing off of Ja Rules head.

Ja Rule stops in the middle of his song and tells the crowd that he will give a $1000 reward if someone points out who threw that beer can.

Immediately the can thrower gets exposed and Ja Rule says,

You threw that? Come here so I can slap the sh*t out of you!

And for some odd reason, the person approaches the stage and guess what?  Ja Rule followed through on his promise.

I’m sure you can expect a lawsuit, taking what little money Ja had left.