Wendell Pierce, Star Of ‘The Wire,’ Arrested After Smacking Girl In Head Because She Supports Bernie Sanders


We see it happen all the time. Politics bring out the worst in people. People on both sides are filled with so much hate for the other side that no one ever gets their point across correctly. It’s just a bunch of people, who believe they know it all, throwing insults at people who also believe they know it all.

And Wendell Pierce, the actor who played a major role in The Wire, has come down with the election bug. He was arrested and charged with battery this past weekend after getting into a heated argument with a Bernie Sanders supporter.

The strange incident happened on Saturday at the Atlanta Loews Hotel. He’s reportedly been staying in the Atlanta area while filming a new movie. Early Saturday morning, Pierce started up a conversation with a woman and her boyfriend. For some reason, the conversation turned to politics, and that’s when things got ugly.

Pierce is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter, and he went a little crazy when the couple told him they were voting for Bernie Sanders. TMZ claims Pierce pushed the boyfriend out of the way and attacked the girlfriend by pulling on her hair and smacking her head.

After getting assaulted by Pierce, the woman and man went to the hotel room to call hotel security. Cops were called and Pierce was arrested soon after. Sources with the police department say the arrest was routine and Pierce did not try to pull out the, “but I’m famous!” card.

Wild stuff. Can you imagine what he might have done had they announced their support for Donald Trump? He would have murdered them.