Bill Cosby Admits To Having Sexual Relations With Teens, Had An Agency Sending Him Models Almost Daily!


It’s been a minute since we have heard anything new on the Bill Cosby being a massive pervert story. Last we heard, he did admit to giving pills to at least one woman and having sex with her. I don’t believe he ever admitted the sex was forced, but when a woman has to be drugged just to touch your penis, it’s probably a safe bet the sex wasn’t consensual.

In any event, some new information is coming out this week, thanks to Cosby’s settled civil case with Andrea Constand. While being questioned by Constand’s lawyers for the lawsuit back in 2005/2006, the 78-year-old comedian said he would often give women drugs and alcohol before having sex with them.


He also revealed that he had a modeling agency sending him “five or six” young women every week. Mostly between the ages of 18-20. At one point, the lawyers asked Cosby, “She’s 17 and I believe throughout the time she knows you she becomes 18 or 19. On a later occasion you had her masturbate you with lotion. Did that ever happen?”

Cosby replied with a simple, “Yes,” before the lawyers decided to get a little more graphic with their question, “[She] used the lotion to rub your penis and make you ejaculate?”

How did Cosby reply? Bingo. He said bingo, as if they were asking him to confirm he wanted cheese on his burger. In addition to the masturbation session, Cosby also admitted to having sexual relations with Therese Serignese, who was 19 at the time. He gave her money through her agent at the William Morris Agency so she wouldn’t tell his wife about the affair.

You can read a little more of the transcript by clicking this link. Cosby is scheduled to appear in court this week for a preliminary hearing in Andrea Constand’s sexual assault case.