WINNING! Chris Brown Has Video Evidence That He Did Not Trash The House In Ibiza (Video and Video Message to the Media)


Picture taken in the living room of the Villa

Chris Brown is Winning.  At least this time.  The latest news regarding Chris Brown was that he trashed a house in Ibiza.  Not just a house, but a villa.  TMZ claims that they obtained a police report where it stated that Chris and his entourage threw knives at the wall and/or carved the walls up.  They also claim that someone urinated in the bed and that there was vomit everywhere.

The police were called in because Chris was supposed to leave at a certain time and according to the landlord, he refused to leave.   The cops were then called in to help.  The landlord also said that  Chris owed her $26,000 in rent and he’s going to get charged another $60,000 in damages.  Well at least that was the plan, until they see these videos Brown posted on Instagram.


Apparently Breezy’s conspiracy theory is more then a theory.  He had a hunch that the landlord would pull something like this and was prepared.  His crew was all packed up and ready to go when he decided to shoot some video on his phone to prove that he left the place in decent shape.  I would say, he left it in impeccable condition. Really, I’m impressed.  Dishes are all washed, the garbage is taken out, even the toilets and showers looked scrubbed.  Kudos.

The first videos show the condition.  There are three, but you get the idea after the 1st two – and the last video has a hilarious message from Chris, which is a big F.U. because he saw it coming.  Nice to see Chris get ahead of them for a change!