Kenny Chesney Fans Trash Pittsburgh During Wild Concert That Resulted In Dozens Of Hospitalizations

"Scenes from the aftermath of the @kennychesney tailgate." Credit: Guy Wathen

“Scenes from the aftermath of the @kennychesney tailgate.”
Credit: Guy Wathen

Do you have a Kenny Chesney fan in your life? Someone who just can’t get that, “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” song out of their head? If so, you probably want to watch your back when you’re hanging out with them, because it’s becoming obvious that the 48-year-old country singer has some disturbed and dangerous fans.

Back in 2013, Chesknee had a huge concert at PNC Park in Pittsburgh and it was shut down after police arrested more than 70 people. There was a huge brawl and over 30 tons of trash was left in the stadium and outside of it.

Now just three years later fans of the country singer are trying their best to destroy Pittsburgh once again. On July 2, more than 50 emergency medical transports were requested, and at least 25 people had to be hospitalized for intoxication and other alcohol-related injuries.

Credit: Guy Wathen

Credit: Guy Wathen

Five people were arrested on a number of charges including ticket robbery, trespassing, public intoxication and simple assault. During one arrest/fight, a police officer actually suffered an injury to his hand, so there will probably be more charges coming.

And just hours before the concert kicked off, police cited 36 people for underage drinking around the stadium (Heinz Field) and at least three people got busted for having some drugs.


According to the Post-Gazette, the area surrounding the stadium was a war zone after the concert ended. There was a “reeking, hulking mass of garbage left over,” and people were forced to wear protection over their mouth and nose to “escape the stench” from the overflowing portable toilets.

Crews worked all night and morning to remove 48 tons of garbage left behind by the estimated 15,000 tailgaters.

The cherry on top of this redneck sundae? The name of Kenny Chesney’s tour is titled, Spread the Love Tour.

Photo credit: Guy Wathen