You Are Not Alone: Shakira’s Boyfriend Secretly Films Her While She Tries To Take Perfect Selfie, And It’s Hilarious (VIDEO)

Credit: VALERIE MACON // Getty Images

Credit: VALERIE MACON // Getty Images

So you’re in the bathroom scrolling through Instagram wondering how everyone looks so freaking perfect, right? They got the hair, the smile, the eyebrows, the lighting, etc. It seems like everyone looks like a movie star on Instagram.

But as we all know, it’s not exactly realistic. Not only are there filters galore, but you also don’t know how many photos that person snapped to achieve such greatness. Getting that perfect selfie takes time, patience and you have to be a little shameless. It’s very similar to the rules of gossip writing.

Shakira’s boyfriend, Gerard Pique, knows the struggle. He was driving with the singer when she asked him to stop so she could take a selfie for Instagram. She went outside the vehicle and made Gerard wait for 30 minutes while she tried to capture her best self. And when someone makes you wait for 30 minutes while they take selfies in the middle of the street, it’s your right as a human to film them and make them feel bad.

That’s exactly what Gerard did. In the video, he explains, “She’s trying to take a photo, I’ve been here for half an hour already in the car waiting as she takes a picture,” at the end of the video, Shakira walks back to the car and says, “Don’t make fun of me.”

You can watch the hilarious moment below, and then check out which selfie she settled on in the photo at the bottom of the page.


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