He’s Ok Folks…Sort of! Hayes Grier and Brother Nash Give Play By Play On Social Media After Horrible Fall on Dirt Bike! (Crash Details)


This makes perfect sense.  The Grier brothers are known specifically for social media so when Hayes was hospitalized a few days ago, it was fitting that the brothers took to social media to let worried fans know exactly what was going on.

Collectively the brothers are social juggernauts.

Hayes Grier’s Stats:

  • Twitter: 3.54 Million
  • Facebook: 1.90 Million
  • Instagram: 5.4 Million
  • Vine: 4.4 Million
  • Youtube: 850,000

TOTAL: 16.09 Million


Nash Grier’s Stats:

  • Twitter: 5.64 Million
  • Facebook: 3.58 Million
  • Instagram: 9.4 Million
  • Vine: 12.8 Million
  • Youtube: 4.8 Million

TOTAL: 36.22 Million
As you can see, the internet is the family business for these two. When his Nash hit twitter to inform fans that Haye’s had been in an accident, things got crazy.

Grier tweet 1Grier Tweet 2

Then Nash found out the extent of his brothers injury and posted this:

Grier Tweet 3Celebrity news sites then begin to correct their earlier reports that Hayes had been in a car accident to accurately reporting it was a dirt bike. Finally, Hayes decided to take back control of his life on the internet and posted this photo from his hospital room along with this explanation on what happened.

Grier Tweet 4

Grier Tweet 5

Grier Tweet 6

Grier Tweet 7

Grier Thumbs up

Glad I wasn’t the only one confused with “berries”. Last time there was a bike accident and berries involved, it was my berries hitting the crossbar!

Fans can now relax and rejoice. To celebrate, let’s watch Nash’s latest Youtube offering (Warning…it’s a bit of a cliff hanger).