Photos of R. Kelly & Rumored 19 Year Old Girlfriend Spark Jealousy as 2 Women Reveal They are members of a Harem That Lives With Him By His Rules


This is a two for one.  There are two stories here; one is the fact that Kells is dating an alleged 19 year old and the second is that he does in fact have a Harem!


It was reported that R. Kelly met the 19 year old after one of his concerts back in February.  She attended the concert with her mom.  A quick stalk through her Instagram and you can see a photo from that night.

Robert with his gray speckled beard and Halle with dollar signs in her eyes cheesed it up backstage.

Rkelly 11aug2016

Kells doesn’t seem creepy to her because she didn’t see the video of him and the 15 year old that we all saw.  When the Chicago Times broke that story in the year 2000, she was only 3!

Guess what Ms. Calhoun does for a living??  You guessed it!  Modeling!  I had the painstaking task of scrolling through her Instagram account to pick out some examples to show you:

Calhoun 1

Calhoun II

And one with her father…..Oh wait.  That’s R. Kelly.

rkelly III

Although neither party has confirmed that they are dating, an Atlanta photographer named Prince Williams released a couple of photos on his Instagram as R. Kelly (or Robert as Calhoun refers to him) and Calhoun attend Atlanta’s Gold Room nightclub.


Rkelly 2 11AUG2016

Rkelly3 11AUG2016


Halles sudden notoriety and instant claim to fame has ignited a flurry of R. Kelly’s other women who say that they were and in some instances still are a part of his harem.  I suspect they are pissed because they have never received the same type of treatment that Halle is getting.

In a series of Instagram posts they reveal shocking details of how they are told to dress, their initiation into the Harem, the girl on girl sex and a whole bunch of “Juicy” details.

The women reached out to the website Fameolous who said that they in fact verified the truth to the emails they received.  They then took to Instagram and posted all of the crazy details of their lifestyle.  Enjoy.

Email Tip on #RKelly So I’ve been pondering whether to blow R.’s spot but I figured since this whole Halle debacle is gaining friction that I’d drop some tea. So here it goes… #1 Halle is 21, NOT 19. #2 She’s not his girlfriend or fiance but R. is def. trying to warm her up to be a part of his harem. Halle met R. twice at his shows. He invited Halle to spend time at his home in Atlanta once the first leg of his tour wrapped up. Halle’s mom is a dumb, oldhead groupie who really thinks that R. Kelly is just introducing her daughter to producers, writers, etc. despite the fact that she doesn’t even do music, lol. Let me tell you this, one of R.’s girlfriend’s family thinks she’s creating music with R. but she’s really just one of his girlfriends who he uses for sex but I digress. Anyway, Halle is just his new fuck. A lot of people warned her about how R. gets down and how he has many girlfriends but she deleted all the comments. So it’s safe to say she’s being ‘trained’ to be a part of his harem and she accepted so I can’t feel too bad. Anyway, R. Kelly has about 5 live-in girlfriends.[I don’t want to provide names cause these women may move on with lives in the future. They will most likely want to do more with their life instead of being R. Kelly’s sex toy.] ? Part1/2

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