Beyonce Pumps Some Life Into Her Boring Vacation With Jay Z By Jumping Off A Giant Yacht, Check Out The Crazy Dive Inside!


Jay Z and Beyonce have been straight up relaxing during an extended luxurious vacation in Italy.  Cameras have been following them around the entire time, and honestly it always seems like they are miserable together.

It’s probably just the cameras catching them at the wrong moment, but just take a look at a few examples below…




Pretty miserable looking, huh? I’ve seen people look happier at funerals. They’re out there on this ridiculously fancy vacation in a beautiful location, and they look like they’re about to tell their neighbors that they accidentally ran over their dog while backing out of their driveway.

But the other day, Beyonce did something extreme to save her marriage and the vacation. She climbed to the top of their rented yacht and jumped off. And this is Beyonce and Jay Z we’re talking about here, so this isn’t your typical yacht.

It’s a freaking super yacht, so she experienced at least a 30-foot drop…


Now that’s how you get a vacation started. Maybe this will turn things around for the couple. If not, I’d be more than happy to trade places with them.

I can enjoy the rest of their vacation, and they can walk my dog in the rain and watch Netflix inside my room. And if you use the toilet, make sure you hold the handle down for a few seconds before releasing it. That’s the only way it flushes correctly.

Let me know if you want to make the switch. I’ll be waiting for your message!