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You Can’t Afford This – Zendaya Gets Her Wallet Thrown Back At Her At A Vons Grocery Store and Snap Chats Her Experience! (Video)

“So we just got out of this Vons.  Now I am trying to buy a lot of gift cards.There are certain limits or whatever so you can only by so much.  But the lady that was helping us… I don’t think she was a fan of our skin tone.  She then threw my wallet.  I can’t make this up! This is what we deal with!  She literally threw my wallet and she was like “you can’t afford this”.  It was $400.  Long story short, There is so much progress to be done in our world.
‘It wasn’t like a throw it was like a toss with my cards still loose…my card fell on the scanner and she began helping other customers.  You know what it’s all love!”

By the way, Zendaya has a current net worth of $5 million so we are pretty sure she can swing $400.


This story is fresh.  Very fresh.  The Daily Mail has contacted Vons and have not posted a follow up, but if I’m Vons, not only am I going to investigate this issue, I’m going to pull video footage of the exchange and either fire the employee or go public with the video and expose Zendaya as a liar.  That would be very damaging to her brand.

People tend to embellish as they tell stories, so maybe the purse wasn’t thrown or even tossed, maybe her card really didn’t fall out onto the scanner and why does she reference a limit in the beginning of her story?

Before we get too crazy, let’s hear or see Vons side of the story.  I’m sure their PR agency is advising them what to do as I type.

She is probably telling the truth.  If it can happen to Oprah, then it can definitely happen to Zendaya.

In Oprah’s case, the shop owner could not defend her employee so Oprah’s account was proven to be accurate.  The shop owner said it was a misunderstanding.

She was correct.  Her employee misunderstood that this black lady that she was refusing to help purchase a pocket book was one of the most famous and wealthiest women in the world!  You damn right she misunderstood.    Let’s hope Zendaya’s  situation ends in similar vindication.

I would love to see the footage and that store clerk put on blast!!

We will keep you posted.


On Wednesday, a rep for the grocery chain addressed the incident publicly:

“At Vons, we strive to treat each and every customer with the utmost respect. There is a policy that limits gift card purchases using a credit card. Zendaya was able to purchase gift cards up to our limit, and we apologize for any inconvenience or misunderstanding.

We respect Zendaya’s voice in the community and similarly are committed to diversity and inclusion,” the statement continued. “Moreover, we understand that race is a sensitive issue in America and view this experience as a reminder that every interaction is an opportunity to treat each customer as we ourselves would like to be treated.” 

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