COPS CALLED: Chris Brown Goes Off On Security Guards During Charity Basketball Game, Check Out The Clip Inside! (VIDEO)


Chris Brown has been in a committed relationship with drama for several years now, and in the past month the relationship has reached insane levels. If Brown is in a public place, you can bet there are at least 10 cameras pointed at him, hoping he does something stupid.

And yesterday, during the Power 106 Celebrity Basketball Game, the people behind those cameras thought they had something truly special. In the video above, you can see Brown getting pretty heated. It wasn’t clear at first who he was so angry with, it looked like he was yelling at multiple people.

According to TMZ, the drama started when security at the venue tried to remove Breezy’s crew. Apparently, he tried to politely ask the security what the problem was, but when they blew him off, he got pissed because he felt like he wasn’t getting any respect.

It all worked out in the end. The cops stepped in and cleared up the confusion with the help of the Power 106 staff. In addition to the shouting match, Brown also followed Kaepernick’s anthem protest. He refused to stand during Tank’s rendition of the National Anthem.

Compared to last month’s drama, this is Chris Brown lite mode.