Chris Martin Brings His Kids On Stage To Perform, And They Absolutely Kill It! Watch The Amazing Video Inside!

Chris Martin might have given his kids terrible names, but that’s okay because he also gave them the gift of music. His kids, Apple and Moses, are already super talented.

During a charity event for the Malibu Boys and Girls Club, Martin surprised the audience by bringing his children on stage to perform. Moses, the youngest, performed House of Gold by Twenty One Pilots, and Apple performed Ariana Grande’s Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart.

We shouldn’t be surprised by their beautiful voices, considering their father is one of the most talented musicians in the land, but it’s still a little surprising to hear how great both of them are. Typically, one kid gets all the talent, and the other one gets nothing.

It’s also shocking to see just how much they look like their parents. Apple looks exactly like her mother, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Speaking of Paltrow, she told NBC’S Today Show that she and Martin are doing just fine after the split. In fact, their relationship is better than ever, and they are constantly spending time together as a family.

“He’s like my brother. I’m really close to him. We’re a family. Even though we’re not in a romantic relationship, we’re a true family and we like to do things to reinforce that we’re a family for the children [and] for each other.”

That’s great to hear. It seems like they’re doing a good job. I wish my parents were super talented in something that actually makes you money. All I know how to do is worry and negotiate with the electric company.