FEETSGIVING: The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Photo Of Meek Mill Worshiping Nicki Minaj’s Feet (PHOTO + REACTION)

What did you eat for Thanksgiving? Some turkey? Mashed potatoes? Maybe some pumpkin pie? Sounds delightful, but you didn’t truly celebrate Thanksgiving if you didn’t have any toes on your plate.

Nicki Minaj wished her fans a Happy Thanksgiving by sharing the image you see below. The photo shows Meek Mill kissing her feet and most likely sucking on her toes.


She captioned the photo “SOMTY,” which most likely stands for “Suck on my toes, yes,” a line from her feature on DJ Khaled’s Do You Mind.

This dude was just playing a video game and Minaj came in the room like, “Bitch. Suck on my toes.” and he opened his mouth like a baby waiting for some mashed carrots. As you might expect, the internet had a great reaction to the photo.

You can check out some of the best reactions below. People seem to be funnier on Thanksgiving. We’ll just blame it on the alcohol…