SAVAGE! T.I. Shades Floyd, Mayweather Responds with Leaked Video from Halloween of Floyd Dancing with Tiny; Proving that She Lied. (Video)


This video now has been leaked.  We suspect by someone in Floyd’s camp, but it’s clear that TINY and Floyd were doing more than just taking a picture.

Floyd is showing her the old man, two step and Tiny is doing a little Bump and Grind.  If that was my girl, I might be a little jelly if she was dancing like that, but if she was dancing like that with my nemesis, I’m sending her packing! Real Talk!

What started out as a little light Shade and a “Ha ha”, has now turned into an embarrassing mess on social media for T.I. and is now an “Oh No”.  Watch!

TINY, YOU GOT SOME EXPLAINING TO DO!!  Tip…don’t go off off….……don’t go…!

And of course, we have a Super Petty mash – up!

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