Rob Kardashian Is Seeking “Help” After His Viral Fight With Blac Chyna: “I Am Going To Get Better For You”

When the drama first started on Saturday, it looked like Blac Chyna would be the one having to release an apology, but things have changed since then. If you missed the drama, you can read ALL about it by clicking this link. And you should click it, because it’s super entertaining.

Now that the drama has settled a bit, Rob has returned to his Instagram account and he’s asking for forgiveness. He posted a sweet picture of him and Chyna and slapped this captioned on it:

“This weekend I was in an emotional bad place and did some things that embarrassed myself and my family. I apologize and I’m seeking help to deal with my flaws/issues. Please pray for me and I’m sorry @blacchyna. You are a great mother to our child and I love you.”

So what exactly is he admitting here? Did he hack her Instagram account? Did he make up those messages? Did he hire someone to hack her? Or is he simply apologizing for reacting to everything on social media instead of handling his business in private?

There are a lot of questions that still need to be answered, but it looks like Rob is taking the blame for this. He posted a second photo on Instagram of his daughter Dream, and captioned it, “I am going to get better for you Dream. You are my life and gave me a new start on being a better me. Love you.”

If Blac and Rob are serious about working things out, they have to get off social media. Their relationship is never going to work unless they do. It’s not healthy to have your relationship out in the public so much. It never works out well.

We’ll keep you posted. What do you think? Is there any hope for them?