Does Janet Jackson Really Have A Secret Daughter No One Knows About? Woman Comes Forward, And Claims To Have DNA Test To Prove It!


Typically, when Radar Online breaks a story, you can bet a majority of it is false. Or they’re reporting news from “sources” who have no idea what they’re talking about.

But we thought this story was pretty interesting, and it’s getting picked up by some bigger sites, so we thought we would share it with you all.

Basically, Janet Jackson’s ex-husband James DeBarge is claiming the 50-year-old singer gave birth to a secret child shortly after they broke up in the mid 1980s. According to DeBarge, Jackson gave the child up for adoption before anyone knew.

“It’s been a question that’s been raised a long time ago all the way up to now. I don’t think you can pull the wool over the public’s eye on this one I’m talking about there being a baby.”

31-year-old Tiffany Whyte has recently come forward to claim she is the abandoned child Debarge has been searching for.

According to the report, Whyte went with DeBarge’s mother to get a DNA test done. Whyte told Radar Online the following…

“So, now it’s time for me to tell my truth. Now that I got the DNA from my grandmother, that it is a possibility… No, it is for sure that they are my parents, she’s my grandmother, those [sic] are my family and it’s time for me to tell the truth.”

Of course, Whyte insists she’s not doing this for fame or money. She just wants to have a relationship with her real mother.

Which explains why she went to Radar Online. That’s where people go when they don’t want fame or money…