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Wendy Williams’ Bank Claims She’s An “Incapacitated Person” Who Needs Guardianship

The fall of Wendy Williams has been painful to watch. A few years ago, she dominated daytime television, but these days she’s barely able to get out of bed.

On Thursday, Wendy’s bank, Wells Fargo, sent a letter to New York Supreme Court Judge Arlene Bluth requesting a hearing to determine whether the former talk show host needs a professional to intervene in her affairs.

The bank claimed that she is an “incapacitated person” who needs a guardianship.

It is our hope that the Guardianship Part [of the court] will imminently appoint a temporary guardian or evaluator to review the situation and ensure that [Williams’] affairs are being properly handled.

This letter comes after Williams’ attorney Celeste N. McCaw filed an emergency petition last week claiming Wells Fargo had denied Wendy access to her accounts, assets and statements after her financial adviser, Lori Schiller, said she was of unsound mind.

McCaw said in court documents obtained by us that Williams had fired Schiller as her adviser due to alleged ‘malfeasance’ involving her accounts as well as ‘improper conduct in relation to their professional relationship.’ However, the lawyer acknowledged Williams ‘continues to rely on Schiller’s advisement.’

Meanwhile, the attorney working for Wells Fargo told the court that they have strong reason to believe Wendy is a “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.”

McCaw fired back, requesting a temporary restraining order against Wells Fargo to prevent the bank from freezing Wendy’s accounts.

Wells Fargo released the following statement:

We deny any allegations of improper actions with respect to Ms. Williams’ accounts and are fully participating in a court process to reach a resolution that is in her best interest. The financial well-being of our clients is at the heart of everything we do.

I’m not one to side with a f**king bank, but given the amount of craziness that has been going on in Wendy’s life, I fully believe someone could be taking advantage of her right now.

Hopefully this gets figured out in court. It’s just such a sad situation, but I suppose when you dedicate your whole life to talking sh*t, you’re probably not gonna have people looking out for you when you fall.