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Kyle Rittenhouse Claims He’s Going To Sue LeBron James, Joe Biden AND Whoopi Goldberg

Kyle Rittenhouse had so much success in the courtroom last year, he plans on going back, but this time he’ll be the one pressing charges.

The teen, who somehow managed to beat homicide charges after killing two people at a protest in Kenosha, is now going after celebrities who called him a murderer and a white supremacist.

Rittenhouse sat down for a lengthy interview with Turning Point USA recently, and during the discussion, he called out Whoopi Goldberg, Joe Biden, and LeBron James by name. He’s basically planning to sue anyone who “defamed” him on Twitter.

Well, anyone who has money.

During the interview, the teenager claimed all these celebrities will be getting “papers” in the mail, and everything will be battled out in court.

You’ll remember LeBron James called out Rittenhouse for what he believed was fake crying during the murder trial…

With the way he’s been parading across conservative media, soaking up all that right-wing fame, it certainly does seem like those tears were fake. BUT WE CAN’T SAY THAT FOR SURE! THEY COULD BE REAL, DON’T SUE US KYLE! I DON’T WANT PAPERS IN MY MAILBOX!

For what it’s worth, the case was a little more complicated than some people on Twitter made it seem. There were those on the far left claiming he was some murderous lunatic, and then those on the far right saying he was a hero.

The truth typically sits comfortably in the middle. The truth is that he should have never put himself in the middle of a turbulent situation. He should have never walked the streets with no training, attempting to “protect” businesses that never asked for his protection with a gun designed for war.

That being said, the people protesting probably shouldn’t have ran after and tried to fight a dude holding a gun.

It’s a crappy situation, but Kyle’s actions following his acquittal have been disgusting.