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Mike Tyson LOSES IT On Airplane, Brutally Punches Drunk Passenger… WILD VIDEO!

You know who you shouldn’t piss off? Mike Tyson. He should be at the top of everyone’s list. The dude bit someone’s ear off for crying out loud. He’s also been accused of rape and physical abuse by more than a few women, so you know, he’ll fight anyone. He is not a good dude.

And a passenger on a JetBlue flight found that out the hard way. According to people who were on the plane, which was about to take off from San Francisco to Florida, a drunk passenger and his friend were annoying the hell out of Tyson, who was sitting in the row in front of them.

Tyson reportedly agreed to take a selfie with the drunk dude’s friend, and then asked to be left alone, but the drunk friend wouldn’t leave him alone. He kept trying to talk to Tyson and was probably pretty annoying considering he was drunk. Tyson asked again to be left alone, but the dude didn’t listen, and that’s when Tyson lost his cool.

You can see in the short clip that Tyson unleashed some brutal punches on this dude. He was going off, and if it weren’t for other passengers telling him to stop, he might have punched this guy’s head straight off his body!

Dude is lucky he left with only a bloodied forehead. Sources say the man received medical attention and then went to the police. We’re not sure if he filed a report or not. It’s unclear if Tyson will face any charges for this incident.

Insiders say he left the plane just seconds after the punches were thrown. He most likely knew he would have been kicked off anyway.

So far, neither JetBlue, nor Tyson’s team has commented on the incident.