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Scott Disick Is Reportedly Heartbroken Over Kourtney Kardashian’s Engagement To Travis Barker

If you watched the premiere episode of The Kardashians on Hulu, then you’ll know that Scott Disick is looking kinda rough these days, or at least he was looking rough when they filmed. Khloe, who is best friends with Scott, went over to his house to chat with him. You see, he was pretty hurt that he wasn’t invited to a family BBQ, but Khloe explains to him that Kourtney and Travis were there, which would have been awkward.

Scott tried to claim he would have been okay with it, but you can see on his face he wasn’t. The dude is still madly in love with Kourtney, and had he seen Barker grabbing her a** 24/7, he probably would have snapped.

Sources say that Scott is still holding out hope that Kourtney calls off the engagement, but that hope is fading. Heck, if they were able to obtain a marriage license in Vegas a couple weeks ago, they would be married right this minute. It does not look like they have any plans to split.

Meanwhile, Scott’s other ex, Sofia Richie, has also moved on and is now engaged. But according to the sources, he doesn’t care about that.

Scott has moved on from Sofia. It’s been almost two years since they broke up. He would be happy for her and just wish her well. He’s not heartbroken over this, that’s for sure. He’s way more heartbroken over Kourtney’s engagement to Travis. [He] is very jealous of Kourtney and Travis relationship. He still thinks they could call things off before the wedding.

Bruh. You gotta move on. You had your chance. Heck, you had multiple chances, and you blew every single one of them. If you would have loved her this much before, you’d still be with her!

I think Bruno Mars said it best…