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Lots Of Celebrities Have Tested Positive For COVID-19 This Past Week

You thought COVID-19 was over? Not so fast. It looks like there is yet another surge impacting the nation right now. Cases are going up in several states, including California and New York, which means celebrities are being hit hard.

In the last week or two, a number of stars have tested positive for the virus, including Stephen Colbert. Less than a month ago, he was forced to take a break from his show after coming down with the illness, and then just this week, he was forced to cancel again because he was experiencing symptoms again. The network said he’ll be isolated for a few additional days.

Funny lady Amy Schumer also came down with the virus this week. She has posted a couple clips on her Instagram account, and you can tell she’s feeling pretty crummy. ‘The End of the F**king World‘ star Jessica Barden also caught COVID-19, just one day before Mother’s Day, which was her first Mother’s Day as an actual mother, so that sucks.

Two ‘American Idol‘ contestants tested positive for COVID, being forced to perform from their hotel rooms during Sunday night’s show, and now we are learning that Kelly Ripa has tested positive. You have to wonder if she got it from Ryan Seacrest? The Idol connection?

She went on her Instagram Stories to let everyone know…

Unfortunately i tested positive for covid-19 this weekend. But thankfully i am fully vaccinated and boosted, and today’s show was already pre taped last week. I am taking all necessary precautions and looking forward to returning to normal life as soon as the standard quarantine time is over.

So yeah, that’s not even all of them. Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr had to miss last night’s game due to catching COVID-19 the day before.

Hide yo’ wife and children, COVID is coming for you. The good thing is that it appears to have the same energy as the common cold these days, so while it might suck to have, you *SHOULD* be okay!