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Bob Saget’s Daughter Lara Posts Special Father’s Day Tribute To Her Late Father



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Back in January of this year, Bob Saget’s death shocked us all. An accidental fall inside a hotel room ended his life. And while his fans mourned, it was his family that really felt the pain.

His 32-year-old daughter Lara Saget had a strong bond with her father, and on Sunday, June 19, 2022, she experienced her first Father’s Day without him.

She posted a throwback photo of her and her father, from what appears to be the ’90s. In the caption, she talked about how Bob was not just her dad, but also her best friend.

My dad wasn’t just my dad, he was my best friend. He wore his heart. He didn’t hide it; he wasn’t afraid of love. My dad simply wanted to share laughter and love with this world.

She admitted that sometimes it can be scary to show so much love and to open up fully to those around you, but her father taught her that it was worth it…

My dad taught me that it doesn’t matter what life throws, how hard, how painful, how seemingly impossible. It doesn’t stop that love. He chose love, always.

And she’s not lying, folks. Ask anyone who knew Bob, and they’d tell you just how loving he was. It was joked that he had like 50 different best friends because he made all of his friends feel like they were his number one.

He didn’t hold back, and he ended nearly every phone call and text with an “I love you,” so everyone knew exactly how it felt.

By the way, Bob had three daughters in total, all with his first wife and high school sweetheart, Sherri Kramer.