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Gary Busey Denies Sex Crime Allegations, And Then Was Spotted With His Pants Down At Public Park

We all knew Gary Busey was a wild dude, but we didn’t know he was THIS wild. If you haven’t heard, the 78-year-old actor was accused of groping multiple women at a horror movie convention in New Jersey two weekends ago.

One report claimed he even tried to unhook one woman’s bra, which is pretty insane behavior. He was arrested and now faces four serious charges.

The incident occurred during a photoshoot Aug. 13 at the Monster-Mania Convention, where Busey allegedly groped two victims’ buttocks before putting his face near a third victim’s breasts, asked ‘where she got them,’ and subsequently tried to undo her bra.

According to the police report, Busey tried to sway police into convincing the victims not to file a report against him. Once the report was filed, he said it was possible to touch people accidentally.

He was caught at a gas station in Malibu on Monday, and TMZ cameras asked him about the charges.

Nothing happened. There were… a partner, and a camera lady, and me and two girls… it took less than 10 seconds, and then they left. It was all false. I don’t care because there are no accusations.

And while we want to believe him, it certainly seems like he’s capable of being a huge creep. I mean, just this past weekend (just days after the alleged assault) he was spotted at a public park in California with his pants down around his knees.

I don’t know about you, but if I was just accused of groping multiple women, I would not go to a park and pull my pants down in public.

That’s not going to help your defense, Gary.