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Usher Claims He’s The “King of R&B” And He Won’t Let Anyone Take The Crown Away From Him

Usher made an appearance on Sirius XM and Radio Andy’s Bevelations this week, and he talked a big BIG game during the interview.

The 43-year-old singer said that he’s the king of R&B, and he’s not gonna ask anyone for the crown. He says you’re going to happily give it to him.

King, whatever you wanna call it. Yeah, I’ve been working to the point where I do own that, and I do deserve that. And I ain’t gonna ask for it no more. You’re gonna give it. Because I did work for it.

After declaring himself king, Usher went on to talk about how R&B is not dead. Diddy recently suggested that the genre was dying, but Usher strongly disagrees.

When I do hear people, even like Puff saying, ‘You know R&B is dead.’ He sounds nuts to me. It sounds, it sounds, it sounds crazy. You know, especially knowing he was a pioneer in understanding and beneficiary of it. You know, the source that is R&B created the breath of life that was breathed into hip-hop.

But of course the KING of R&B would say this. No one wants to be the king of a fallen empire. Usher has to build up the genre. It’s his duty as king!

Usher went on to say:

There would be no hip-hop if there were not R&B, so it’s blasphemous to hear me say, to hear people say anything, especially hip-hop cats, to say anything about R&B.

Damn. Usher was out here trying to make some headlines, and he certainly succeeded. That being said, the last time Usher had a solo track crack the top charts was back in 2016, but even then, it only climbed to the 63 spot.

His last actual hit was 2014’s “I Don’t Mind” 

So, uh, R&B might not be dying… but it’s certainly having to take some Metamucil every morning.