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Post Malone Takes Painful Tumble During Concert, Forced To End The Show Early


We haven’t seen a tumble this painful since Scarlet jumped on that table and damn near broke her back in the middle of an original tune.

Post Malone was performing in St. Louis on Saturday night when he fell against a hole on stage. The fall looked super painful because it looked like he slammed his entire ribcage against the metal flooring.

You can see from the video that he was rolling around in pain on the ground. That’s how you know someone is truly in pain, when they got one leg kinda bent and they’re just rolling back and forth on the ground. That’s the universal sign for extreme pain.

Medics rushed to his side and he was brought backstage for several minutes. He then returned to the stage, apologized to his fans, and performed a few more songs. He told everyone in the audience that he was sorry they didn’t get the full show. In fact, he was almost in tears during his apology. He thanked his fans for being the best in the business.

After painfully finishing the concert, the 27-year-old star went to the hospital, but thankfully he didn’t suffer any serious injuries. He bruised his ribs and they gave him some pain meds, but beyond that, he’s good to continue his tour.

Check out his update below:


Say what you want about Post, but the dude clearly appreciates his fans.