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Who The Heck Is Actually Attending Kanye West’s School? We May Never Know, Thanks to NDAs!

If you still haven’t heard, Kanye West decided to open up his own school. He tried to put his own kids in the school, but Kim Kardashian was having none of it, which prompted Kanye to have a bit of a meltdown on Instagram recently.

But what exactly is this school? According to the Donda Academy’s website, the mission is to motivate its students to “grow in their faith and community” through non-stop worship and celebration.

So basically, it’s a pretty intense Christian school. The private school just launched this year, and accepts students from pre-K to 12th grade, so they’re trying to cover all ages. It’s been reported that only around 100 students actually attend the academy, which is not accredited, by the way.

Who are these parents allowing their kids to go here? Well, we may never know. Some parents, who have remained anonymous, claim the school forces you to sign non-disclosure agreements before enrolling.

Two families sat down with Rolling Stone and spilled the beans about the non-disclosures, which are apparently in place to keep a tight lid on things that go on at the school. In the RS article, the families were unnamed and did not provide details on the hush-hush agreements.

Of course, Kanye’s people deny the report. His consultant, Tamar Andrews, claim only the parents put their signature on the forms and insisted the entire process was informal. We’re not exactly sure what that means, but if these parents didn’t feel comfortable enough to share their names, we have to imagine the process was not informal.

Andrews went on to claim they don’t care if people know about the school: