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How Much Does Nick Cannon Pay In Child Support For 11 Children? (Hint: It’s More Than You Think!)

As most of you know, Nick Cannon has helped bring 11 kids into the world, and it’s going to be 12 very soon. The dude is out here trying for some records.

But of course, trying to take care of 11 kids is extremely expensive, especially these days. The US Sun recently wrote up a report about how they estimate Cannon drops around $3 million in child support every single year.

According to the 42-year-old entertainer, that number ain’t even close to the real amount. He told the Neighborhood Talk the following…

I definitely spend a lot more than that on my children annually. I don’t plan to ever have to participate in the governmental system of child.

Now he worded that carefully. He didn’t say “child support” he just simply stated he spends more than that on his children annually, which could mean a lot of things. He’s probably including food, clothes, shelter, private schools, music lessons, trips, gifts, medical care, AND child support.

According to one report, he brings in around $5 million each year, but of course he has more than that in the bank. He’s worth around $20 million.

I guess now we know why he works so damn much. Dude is dropping over $3 million just to make sure his kids have a nice life. That’s a lot of pressure, but apparently he enjoys it.

He has to slow down at some point though. Hopefully he’s investing and sh*t. He can’t work five jobs at the same time forever.

As mentioned above, Nick ain’t done yet. He’s expecting his 12th child with model Alyssa Scott. They previously welcomed Zen together in 2021, but the little one died at just 5-months-old after battling brain cancer.

Here’s to a safe and healthy delivery.