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Comedian/Actor Mark Curry Claims Hotel In Colorado Springs Racially Profiled Him During Stay

Mark Curry is a name you might not recognize on paper, but when you see his face, you think, “Oh yeah! That guy!” — I personally remember him from the hit Disney Channel Original Movie, The Poof Point, where he plays a scientist/parent who is reverting back to his childhood, thanks to his time machine invention.

Anyway, the comedian/actor jumped on his Instagram account on Saturday and posted a video, detailing an event that went down at The Mining Exchange, a Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa, in Colorado Springs.


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He claims he was just chilling in the hotel lobby sipping on some coffee when an employee who claimed to be with security asked him if he was a guest. Curry declined to answer, but the man continued to ask him for proof of stay.

Curry’s Instagram video includes part of the alleged confrontation between Curry and the hotel employee that lasts for nine minutes before Curry goes to the check-in desk to make a complaint. In the clip, at the front desk, the attendant asks Curry if he is a hotel guest, with Curry responding, ‘Didn’t you check me in? Black man and a hotel lobby, it’s impossible that he has a room here.’

He also wondered in the clip why the employees weren’t asking anyone else for proof of stay. Why was he the only one being questioned inside the lobby? And honestly, that’s a fair question. Why was he the only one asked? I think we all know the answer.

After the video went viral, The Mining Exchange decided to do some damage control. A rep for the hotel claims the two employees involved have been suspended until an investigation is completed.

For those wondering, Curry was in town for a comedy gig. The hotel has offered to comp his stay and give him a free room next time he’s in town, so at least they’re trying to make things right.

Meanwhile, maybe all this press Curry is getting will spark interest in The Poof Point 2!