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Smack Talk Gone Wrong: Draymond Green Claims Ejected Fan Made Death Threats Against Him

We are professional smack talkers here at TVST, which means we know where the line is, and we make sure to never cross it.

But an amateur smack talker in Milwaukee obviously needs more training. The bizarre incident took place at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee during the Bucks game against the Golden State Warriors.

In the third quarter of the game, as the Warriors were getting slammed on the court, Warriors’ star player Draymond Green grabbed a ref and directed their attention toward a fan. Green insisted that the fan needed to be thrown out of the building.

And a few seconds later, security escorted him out. After the game, Green told reporters that the fan said “some threatening stuff to my life.”

I was this close to really going back after him, but decided to get the refs’ attention. When I told the official what he said, he was like, ‘Oh, he’s got to get out of here.’

This fan is lucky Green didn’t go after him. Heck, Green is 6’6 and weighs over 220 pounds, and he’s already proven he can fight.

We all remember him punching his own teammate earlier this year, right?

Green also told reporters that fans are getting a little too comfortable and something needs to change to protect players on the court.

There are no real consequences. Yeah, you can’t come back to the game, or even if you get arrested, nothing really happens … you just hope it gets to a point where these leagues can work with legislators to implement laws because that’s the only thing that’s really going to correct the issue.