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Tyler Perry Talks About His Own Suicide Attempts After Shocking Death Of Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss

As you all know by now, dancer/actor/Ellen DeGeneres sidekick Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss committed suicide earlier this week. The 40-year-old left his home via an Uber and checked into a motel less than a mile away from his home. He then turned his phone to airplane mode, so no one could track him or contact him, and then shot himself in the head.

According to a recent report from TMZ, law enforcement sources have confirmed he left a suicide note behind, but they did not give any specifics regarding the note, which is probably for the best. That feels like a pretty private thing.

In any event, his death has a lot of people thinking, including Tyler Perry. The 52-year-old entertainer went on his Instagram account to briefly pay tribute to Stephen, before talking about his own suicide attempts.

I just want to take you back to a time in my life when I tried to commit suicide, a couple of times, because it was so dark I didn’t think it would get any better. I had endured so much pain, so much abuse, sexual abuse, it was all so hard to just move through that I thought the only way to make this better was to end my life. Had any of those attempts happened, I would’ve missed the best part of my life.

He encouraged people to reach out for help. Even if they currently feel like there’s no hope… reach out to someone because you never know when things might turn around.

Life is full of joy and love, things I never thought I’d get to. I’m saying that to you, if you are a person who’s considering suicide, ending your life, you’ve already been through a lot of hell, please, please, please, think about what the other side could be. It could be amazing. And you would miss the best part of it going through the darkness. Don’t let the darkness stop you from getting to this incredible place of life.

We’re sure some people might look at his statement and think, “Well, sure, that’s easy for you to say! You’re now a billionaire!”

But the message behind the message is rock solid. There will be moments in life where things feel like they will never get better, and nearly 100% of the time, they do. Somehow, things get better. Maybe not, “I became a billionaire” better, but they do get better.


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