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Chelsea Handler Talks About Painful Split From Jo Koy, Gives Details On Reason Behind Breakup

Many people thought when Chelsea Handler and Jo Koy got together, they would be together forever. After all, they were both friends for quite some time before making the turn into the romantic station.

But this past summer, Handler revealed they had split just weeks before their one-year anniversary. For the most part, both Handler and Koy have refused to talk about the breakup, but it looks like now Handler is finally ready to open up.

During a recent appearance on Brooke Shields’ “Now What?” podcast, the 47-year-0ld host/comedian revealed just how painful the split was.

There were just some behaviors that we couldn’t agree on, and it felt to me like I would have to abandon myself—which maybe I would have been OK to do if I were 20 or 25—but I wasn’t willing to do that. No matter how much I loved this person,  and I loved him so much, I was not going to abandon myself.

She did not say what those behaviors were, but that doesn’t mean we won’t try to guess. Could it mean that one of them wanted a more open relationship? After all, they’re both touring comedians, so that’s certainly a possibility.

Handler continued:

I was like, ‘I’m not going to change this, I’m not going to change the way that I behave in order to make you feel more comfortable. I’m not doing that.’ And I had to walk away from something that I really believed was gonna be a forever relationship, and so that was difficult.

She also claims that they tried therapy before the split, but they just couldn’t agree on these key issues. Handler said “walking away from him” was one of the most difficult things she’s ever had to do.

Damn. Makes you wonder if they might find their way back to one another. It sounds like one of them just needs to stop being so stubborn and give a little bit.