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Tiffany Haddish Says She Will Be Returning To ‘Girls Trip 2’ As Long As Her Co-Stars Want Her

As some of you may have heard, it was announced last week that ‘Girls Trip 2‘ was going to happen, with the OG cast returning, which includes now controversial star, Tiffany Haddish.

The 43-year-old comedian/actress was one of the funnier parts of the first Girls Trip movie, but some fans are calling for her to be removed from this upcoming sequel. You’ll remember last year, Haddish and her friend were hit with a child molestation lawsuit for some offensive skits they did with two kids years ago.

After the news was spread across town, the lawsuit was dismissed and the plaintiff publicly forgave Haddish, saying she knows she wouldn’t hurt her children. Of course, we do not know if Haddish wrote her a check to make all that happen.

In any event, Haddish is walking around feeling like her name has been cleared, but some people online aren’t feeling it. An online petition has started to keep Haddish out of this sequel.

Cameras caught up with Haddish this week, and she made it clear she doesn’t care what people on Twitter think.

Tiff seemed genuinely surprised outside The Ivy Tuesday evening when she was asked what she thought about the instant backlash when it was announced last week ‘Girls Trip 2’ was finally going to be made. Well, she makes it crystal clear that as long as her costars want her to do the movie … Tiffany WILL be there, regardless of any controversy.

It’s a bit of an odd response considering you are making these movies for the fans… not for your co-stars. So it really doesn’t matter if they want you in it or not. If the fans boycott the movie because you’re in it, that’s bad for business.

Although, it may end up being a moot point because Haddish doesn’t actually think filming will happen. She says they make plans every year and then something happens.

We’ll see. What do you think? Do you care if Haddish is in the movie?