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Britney Spears’ Friends And Family Planned An Intervention, Very Concerned About Her Mental Health

Congratulations, internet! You freed Britney Spears and now she’s on the verge of another complete mental breakdown.

According to insiders with TMZ, those close to the 41-year-old singer are afraid she’s going to die. They say her recent behavior has been stressing them out. You’ll remember she was caught at a restaurant near her home last month acting “manic” and rambling incoherently to herself.

Insiders say she’s been taking meds that “hype her up” and her behavior is getting worse, so they decided to plan an intervention for her.

Our sources say her manager rented a house in the L.A. area for several months and the plan was to take an unsuspecting Britney to the house, where her husband Sam Asghari, her manager, an interventionist and doctors would be present, in an attempt to convince her she needed help. We’re told Jamie Spears and Britney’s 2 sons were not involved. The plan was for the intervention to go down Tuesday.

They had hoped to keep Britney in the rental house for as long as two months while she received medical treatment and counseling.

But unfortunately, the plan didn’t come to fruition because Britney became somewhat aware of the plan. Insiders say Britney did not go to the rental house, but she did meet with a doctor late Wednesday afternoon and the meeting went well… whatever that means.

We’re not sure what happens from here. At this point, she’s a free, grown adult, so she can’t be forced to do things like she had been under the conservatorship.

She’s running things now, and sadly it looks like there’s a full-on Kanye situation going on here.