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Olivia Wilde Faces Backlash After Lusting Over Rihanna’s Boyfriend A$AP Rocky

The internet already hates Olivia Wilde for breaking Jason Sudeikis’ heart and allegedly cheating on him with Harry Styles, and now they’re finding even more reason to hate her.

In her Instagram Stories, the 38-year-old actress/director shared a clip of A$AP Rocky supporting Rihanna from the sidelines during her Super Bowl halftime show.

She captioned it, “If I thought he was hot before, this really put me over the edge.”

People were like, “Whaaat? Are you trying to destroy another home?” But don’t go knocking down her door or anything. It’s all love… platonic love.

She returned to her stories to settle everyone down, writing, “For anyone who got it twisted. It’s hot to respect your partner. Especially when your partner just did thaaaaaat.”

Who knows, this may have been more of a diss towards Jason than a love note to Rocky. She has hinted in the past that Jason wasn’t exactly the most supportive husband throughout their marriage.

In any event, we don’t expect Rocky to risk it all for Olivia.

By the way, sources connected to Rihanna and Rocky claim that while they did want a second child and were trying, they didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. She was not planning on being pregnant during her performance.

They wanted another baby and were trying, but the pregnancy came sooner than expected. They were surprised the second pregnancy happened so fast.

We all were.