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Chris Pratt Admits To Being Mentally Broken Right Before Meeting Wife Katherine Schwarzenegger


Chris Pratt seems like a dude who has it all. He’s a legit movie star, handsome, has lots of money, and a beautiful family. But it wasn’t always like this.

The 43-year-old actor was on The Drew Barrymore Show this week, and he admitted that before meeting his now wife Katherine Schwarzenegger, he was in a pretty dark place. He was still fresh off a divorce from his first wife, Anna Faris. They split in 2018 and it was a shock to everyone, considering they had one kid together and had been married since 2009.

The divorce was hard on Pratt, but then Katherine came along at just the right moment.

I met Katherine — now it’s been five, six years ago. God has a fast-forward button, you know. When it’s right — boom — you’re hit. You fall in love, you get married. Now we have two beautiful daughters to add to my family, and it feels really great. There was a moment in my life that I was really struggling and felt really broken.

He said he went through his own journey of finding a “higher power” and leaning on that feeling. “Please save me,” he remembered saying, and not long after, Katherine entered his life.

It’s all about timing. There’s a perfect plan out there for you. And I think you have to have faith. The minute you have faith, it falls into place. We met at a church. I was in the front row of church — which is like, you kind of don’t want to be like, ‘Woah, who’s that?’ at church. You know what I mean? But I was sneaking some glances. So we kinda hit it off. And we didn’t start dating right away, but we met there and later on, ended up going out.”

Pratt says their connection was instant. They both knew early on that they had found their person in life.

You know when you’re doing a puzzle, and there’s a piece, and you’re like, ‘I’m certain that’s the piece’ and then you jam it, and it looks like it should be the piece [but then] you’re like like, ‘Oh it’s that one.’

Happy to hear he’s found his missing puzzle piece.