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Olivia Wilde Begging For Child Support From Jason Sudeikis Even Though She Makes Over $70k Monthly!

The divorce/custody battle between Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis continues to get nastier. In new court documents first obtained by the Blast, Wilde claims she covers 100% of the costs for the children’s care while they are with her.

Jason and Olivia share 8-year-old Otis and 6-year-old Daisy together. She claims she pays for their food, clothing and extracurricular activities while they are with her. She did say that Sudeikis pays for half of their school tuition.

But she says he should be doing a lot more for her because he reportedly makes more than she does. She believes he should provide child support so when the kids are with her, they can keep up with their father’s standard of living.

Wilde, 39, also wants Sudeikis, 47, to contribute to her attorney and accountant fees not only because the ‘Horrible Bosses’ actor is in a financially ‘significantly superior’ position but also because she is burning money as a result of ‘Jason and his counsel’s egregious, unnecessary and aggressive conduct.’

She wants $500,000 from Sudeikis and for him to pay child support retroactive to the date which she filed the case.

Jason shares equal responsibility with Olivia for the support of their children, yet Olivia has borne the lion’s share of the expenses for their children since the pendency of this action.

Here’s the thing though, he doesn’t really make THAT much more than her. His net worth is reportedly around $20 million, while her’s stands at around $10 million.

According to the court docs, Wilde has around $645,000 in bank accounts, over $3 million in stocks and bonds, and around $6 million in real estate.

The documents also reportedly stated that the ‘House’ alum has a monthly income of $71,667, but she reportedly spends $107,000 a month on her mortgage, laundry and cleaning and more.

I’m sorry, what? She makes $70k a month, but spends $100k? And she wants child support? Hellllll no. How about you decrease your freaking monthly expenses? I mean, what the hell? It sounds completely out of touch to be complaining about how you can’t afford your $100,000 a month lifestyle. Most people don’t even make that in a year.

We’ll see what the judge decides. This case will be interesting to follow. ALSO, HOW MUCH IS HER LAUNDRY? DOES SHE NOT HAVE A WASHER AND DRYER? WHO IS WASHING HER CLOTHES, JESUS?