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Jamie Foxx Rushed To Hospital For “Medical Complication” While Filming New Movie

Jamie Foxx has been filming a new movie in Atlanta for over a month now. The movie is reportedly titled “Back in Action” and it’s been doused with controversy. Last month, the 55-year-old actor reportedly had a “full-blown” tantrum on set, which led to him firing an exec producer, two directors and his driver.

The movie co-stars Cameron Diaz, and she’s reportedly over the drama, already announcing she’ll be taking a step away from acting following the film.

And now the drama continues as we have learned Foxx had to be rushed to the hospital on Tuesday after experiencing a medical complication.

Jamie’s daughter, actress Corinne Foxx, posted the medical update Wednesday on social media … and she says Jamie suffered the issue Tuesday but immediately got ‘great care’ and is now on the mend.

They have not said what the medical complication was, but it was serious enough that some of his family members flew into town to be with him. One source said, “He’s communicating now, and that’s good news,” which makes you wonder if he may have suffered a stroke. After all, he’s been under a lot of stress with this film.

One day before this medical complication, Foxx was seen on set, filming a scene on a soccer field. He appeared to be in okay health at the time.

Here’s to hoping he can make a full recovery. We will keep you posted as more information is released, but maybe the producers should just throw this movie in the trash. It obviously doesn’t want to get made.