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Jamie Foxx Is “Improving” After Mysterious Medical Complication That Put Him In The Hospital

What’s going on with Jamie Foxx? Well, we’re still trying to find out the specifics, but we are hearing that he’s improving with every day.

A source talked with PEOPLE this past weekend, and they claim the 55-year-old actor is “steadily improving” and joking with friends and family. But they did not say what medical condition he is suffering from. It has remained a mystery this entire time.

You’ll remember, the actor was in Atlanta filming his new movie, Back in Action, last week when he suffered a medical emergency and had to be rushed to the hospital.

His daughter, Corinne, released the following statement:

It’s a little strange that nothing has leaked from the hospital or from a family friend. Typically, we know something by now, and the fact that we don’t means either Foxx has really solid and trustworthy people around him, or his condition is more serious than everyone thinks.

Some people have speculated that perhaps he suffered a stroke, but that’s just speculation based on the fact that he’s approaching the age where those things tend to happen.

Hopefully an update is released soon. In the meantime, the producers of Back in Action are reportedly scrambling, trying to figure out how to finish filming without their star. Insiders say they were just eight days away from wrapping, so they’re attempting to film the rest of the scenes with a body double.