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Aaron Carter’s Cause Of Death Has Been Revealed, But His Former Fiancee Doesn’t Agree With It!

It’s been five months since Aaron Carter was found dead inside his home in California. The former pop sensation had been battling an addiction to drugs and alcohol for many years. And in recent months, he had become addicted to huffing, which is basically inhaling compressed air from cans to get a “high” sort of feeling.

And sadly, it looks like that addiction played a role in his death.

His cause of death was released this week, and according to the report, he died from drowning and the effects of difluoroethane, a flammable gas that is often used as the propellant in cans of compressed air. He also had a high level of Xanax in his system, but it’s unclear if that contributed to his death.

The manner of his death was ruled accidental.

The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s report also confirmed that Carter was ‘submerged’ in his bathtub after ‘inhalation of compressed gas and intake of alprazolam.’

But according to his former fiancee, Melanie Martin, she’s not 100% convinced this information is accurate.

[This is] not closure for me. I only have more questions. He was wearing a T-shirt and necklace in the bathtub which doesn’t make sense. Why would he be in a bathtub with clothes on? I don’t understand the chain of events.

I think she’s trying to view this from the mindset of a person who was completely sober. He was clearly not, and sometimes when people are not in the right state of mind, they do sh*t like jump inside a bathtub with their clothes on.

No matter the exact chain of events, his death still hits the same. It’s a sad ending for someone who once had so much promise.